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Widest selection of heartfelt, funny, 

encouraging, uplifting cards for every 

special need.

Wall Art / Decorations

Wall Art, Decorations

Spice up your walls with a variety

of wall art and décor. Special 

sayings that bring a smile to your

face every time you walk by and

read it. Give as a gift.

Bible Covers

Bible Covers, Beautiful, Colorful

Different size Bibles need that

special cover to fit, both your

Bible and your personality.

Come pick out the perfect cover.

We can also show you a selection

and order your favorite style and color

Gifts and Special Moments

handcrafted, special gifts

We offer gifts for most occasions

in your life. Items change often and

some we keep year round. See that

gift you were looking for…and 

couldn’t live without!

Gift Bags

Gift Bags, Decorative, Sayins, Pretty, Fun

To put that special gift in.

A selection of gift bags with

Inspiration saying, or just

Cute enough to make them 

say ‘Aww’ with a smile 

Books, Books and more of the Best Books!

Books, Positive, Inspriational, vintage

We don’t just carry Bibles, but many

popular new, as well as some of the

good old favorites.  Thought provoking, 

positive, and inspirational books.

More Unique Gift Ideas!



These are worth
a second look.

Specialty Items - Handcrafted



Upon request, you can get a Beautiful Personalized Handcrafted Glass Shadow box 

with your favorite scripture.  

Call or e-mail for ordering.  

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We Have The Best Customers!!!

Our customers not only come to find what they are looking for, but so many times they offer what others are looking for.

Kindness, A Smile, and encouraging happy 

words and/or conversation.

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